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Trauma education from Barbara Schmidt, the final chapters of her series:

I am very grateful to have been able to share this series on trauma from a good friend and colleague: Barbara Schmidt. Find this information essential and easy to read. Please check it out:    

Great tips for dealing with anxiety

Recently Australia Counselling collected 15 experts’ advise for dealing with anxiety. Here is the link to the article to check it out:: Here you can see parts of my contribution to the article. One of the easiest and most useful exercise I found is the following breathing exercise: breathe in through your nose for … read more

From Barbara Schmidt: How the self soothing Parasympathetic Nerve develops and how patterns of worrying and over-thinking can be set up in childhood (Trauma education III):

The next addition to my dear colleague and friend Barbara Schmidt’s trauma series: We have a nerve that helps us to calm down and to self regulate –this great “ relaxer nerve” (parasympathetic nerve) develops in babies only via its care takers: Skin contact helps it to come online and loving, tender touchhelps it to … read more

Now you can try the Foundation of Well-Being program for FREE!

Hello, I talked about the —The Foundations of Well-Being. program before. And now you can try it for free! This guided, step-by-step program is taught by Rick Hanson, Ph. D. and uses science-based methods to hardwire lasting happiness into your brain and your life. In just an hour a week, you will be turning everyday experiences … read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! For all of us! Some of us did not have the nurturing experience and had to re-mother/ parent themselves. Some never gave birth to anyone but mothered and nurtured so many. Some lost their mum’s too early or never even met them. We all have our own experiences. I am one of … read more

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