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Dear Brave Therapy Friend,


I promised a while ago that I would create some resources for you to practice some nervous system regulation outside of the therapy session with me.

These short exercises are there for you to practice whenever you want to. When you track some activation in your body that is creating some sort of distress or shutdown, try to remember to use one of these tools. These exercises are like water for your nervous system; we do not drink 5 liters of water all at once, we drink small amounts throughout the day. Same with the BE BRAVE exercises.


I created these just for you, because you have an understanding and experience of these practices. They are not for sharing on social media or anywhere else.

If you would like to share these practices with your loved ones or friends, I have to ask you to learn them well and teach them to others, yourself. I encourage you to do this, because, by doing so, you are actually helping with co-regulation as well, something that we do in the room together.


I hope you will find these BE BRAVE exercises useful, and that they will help you to expand your capacity and self regulation, so you can enjoy more connection and joy in your life.


See you soon.



The link to the videos are here.
Password: Be Brave

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