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Resources for the lockdown

Strange times we live in. Waking up each morning, listening to the birds, whom are becoming louder as the traffic reduces, I am thinking the same as many of you: and other day in the lock down…..
It has been not easy to try to find the new rhythm of things. What I have learnt and try to practice in the last couple of weeks:
  • Have a structure for my day. It is really important to be able to look forward to things, to have a sense of agency over our temporary situation. So what I do is, plan each day, when I do my exercise, when and how much I work and ‘socialise’ with physical distancing. I go outside when I can, and enjoy nature if the weather allows, or I do yoga or train at home.  I do my admin work, writing, & research work at specific times, and I work through a to-do list, without perfectionism. I see my clients online in the usual times. Family connections are cultivated via FaceTime, phone calls, messages, and happen all over the world as timezones allow in the morning and the evening. A sneaky afternoon nap also happens here and there 🙂
  • Limit my news intake. It is very important to keep informed since things have been changing rapidly in the last few weeks. But the constant scary information overload stresses out our system and can easily take us to a shutdown. I read, what I think is reliable source in the morning and watch a lighter summary in the evening.
  • I have said it before, but I do think its worth saying again: exercise, exercise, exercise. We need to keep moving even if we are restricted to our homes. What’s really great that has come out of this situation is the huge amount of free online resource that is available now. I put together a few below.
  • Learn something new. I find that learning something new inspires me and got my energy flowing. So I am learning singing  (again) and some new exercises and dances.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones. This can be hard when we feel stressed, hopeless or scared, and it is more important then ever before.  I did find that a silly FaceTime call or using filters on messenger can really cheer me up.
So please stay connected, move your body, exercise your mind, wash your hands and stay safe.
Here are some great free resources I collected for you in the last week.
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Important Information Regarding Safety from Covid-19

Dear Brave Therapy™ Friends and Clients,

In the light of the recent unfolding of Covid-19 outbreak, listening to the health authorities I have made some decisions and changes in the practice.

For now I still see clients in my practice. The rooms are frequently cleaned and sprayed with disinfectants. I placed a hand-sanitizer on my bench and asking everyone to use it as soon they come in, or wash their hands before enter into my room.

If you sensitive to chemicals, we should proceed via online meetings for now. My cleaners do use 1/7 bleach to wash everything down and I use a tea-tree spray frequently.
I am looking after myself by socially distancing and not going into places where I can possibly get infected, I also walk to work and don’t use public transport.  Of course there are no guarantees, so if you feel uncomfortable coming to the office, I will see you online.

I would suggest to everyone to download ZOOM, the software I use for online meetings. I have been conducting therapy online for a while now and it has been a positive experience, especially since I swapped my internet provider 🙂 I will be sending out detailed information about how we do therapy online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Thinking of you all and hope we can all stay safe and calm together.

I will be going for a walk and a swim making the most of this beautiful weather, I hope you can do something nice for your nervous system and your soul as well today.


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Wishing Everyone a Safe, Peaceful and Rich in Connection New Year!

Somehow just wishing Happy New Year does not fit today. Our country is burning. The Earth is in distress, I think she might be outraged.
For many of us, loved ones; family  and animals are in danger of the fires. It is hard to celebrate. So to bring Joy to myself today,  I am choosing to practice  gratitude.
Today reflecting back at the last year, I am grateful for:
  • for my family, my amazing offsprings that I am lucky enough to host as a mother for this lifetime.
  • for my family, brothers and parents,  who are a lively bunch to share this lifetime with
  • for my partner, who is really the only one who can keep up with me and my crazy bunch 🙂
  • grateful for my friends,
  • grateful for all my family, nephews and nieces, and sister in-laws and some of my exes’ and their families.
  • and again grateful for my FRIENDS, really they are my family too
  • grateful for my parents still being healthy
  • grateful for my health, and my family’s health
  • grateful for being able to have the hard conversations
  • grateful for my job, my clients, that I can do what I love and passionate about, and weirdly cant really talk in details about to people :0)
  • I am lucky and grateful to do a research that I love
  • I am grateful for the privilege of education,
  • for the privilege of good food and water that I can still have
  • for a safe home
  • for my cats, and for other people’s cats
  • and for dogs of course 🙂
  • grateful for having an incredible woman, like a sister in my life who has been with me for almost a lifetime :0)
  • grateful for my mentor who is my family now too 🙂
  • grateful for my body for keeping up with me 🙂
  • grateful for the privilege to travel
Wow, interesting exercise, writing all this out I do feel much better, I might even get excited to celebrate.
Invite you to try, I hope it will work for you as it did for me.
Please stay safe.
Love to you all
Here is a little video from Brené to explain the science behind gratitude.
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