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Brave Therapy™ is a blog site created by Andrea Szasz, a Psychotherapist and Counsellor living and practicing in Sydney, Australia.

Free Masterclass to Help You Heal from Childhood Trauma

Break free from your past, heal your wounds, and live a life filled with self-love, peace & healthy relationships!

This is a fantastic and free online program by some of the leaders in the field of healing developmental trauma.

I hope you have a chance to watch, learn and heal.




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We’ve all had moments when our mind is calm, loving, happy, present, and awake to stillness and possibility. But for many of us, that quickly gets covered over with daily stresses, distractions, fears, and regrets.

In Dr. Rick Hanson’s new online program, Neurodharma, you’ll explore seven characteristics of the wisest people who’ve ever lived, and Dr. Hanson will guide you through developing them yourself in a step-by-step path of personal practice.

You’ll learn practical methods based on ancient wisdom and modern brain science for engaging life with stable mindfulness, a kind heart, and inner peace as you rest in the present moment while opening into everything, with a sense of unconditioned possibility.

This program will begin on June 25th and you can save $50 when you register by June 15. The program includes:
Over 15 hours of video teachings
Over 6 hours of guided practices
5 live calls where Rick answers your questions
8 weeks of guidance through email
Downloadable handouts and audio files
Discussion forums and a private Facebook group
Lifetime access and a 30-day full-refund guarantee
15 CE credits (when applicable)
Rick has pulled together the most profound and powerful insights and tools he knows for coming home to the deep, true nature in each of us, whether it’s gradually uncovered or suddenly revealed. Click here to register or learn more today!

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Free Live Event Neurodharma by Dr. Rick Hanson

The person we long to be – and already are, deep down – is usually covered over with stresses, distractions, fears, and regrets. If you’d like practical tips for letting go of your suffering to uncover your true self, please check out this FREE webinar with my good friend and New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. In this special live event, you’ll get practical tips you can use right away to become more calm and clear, loving and happy, and wide open and fully present.
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Psychotherapy is Evidence Based

Mental health issues are constantly in the news. We are suffering  from relational problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and so on. These ‘disorders’ or other mental health diagnoses are often stem from untreated traumas in our life. Our government and the media only seem to know about one way of treating these life challenging issues and that is with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The mental health plan only supports cognitive based treatments. While CBT and other cognitive based treatment are very useful, often powerful, they do not work for everyone and for all issues, especially not for trauma. Sadly psycho-dynamic psychotherapies, body based or attachment focused psychotherapies are not supported or promoted in Australia.
But we are not just our cognition or behaviors. We are our bodies, nervous systems, our souls and our relationships with other humans and nature. When we become fragmented it is not just our thoughts that need to change so we can change our behaviour. We need support to integrate and grow so we can live in peace with ourselves, others and the planet.
We know this now from the discipline called Interpersonal Neurobiology and countless research of different psychotherapeutic models. I wrote before about the self-perpetuating monopoly of CBT in our country, you can read about it here.

I included here some short and some longer videos from experts of the field of psychotherapy. If you are struggling please do your research and find a therapist who you feel safe with, who has the qualifications and expertise and can work in ways that feels right for you.

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