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Interview with Melissa Ferrari, one of Sydney’s leading couples therapists.

                                                                                                    Melissa Ferrari was kind enough to answer a few questions. I hope you all enjoy what she has to say. Can you tell me more about your practice and how you work, what services do you offer? I am a relational psychotherapist … read more

Brené Brown on Vulnerability

If you liked this talk and want to learn more about her check out my workshop 🙂

Daring Greatly in Sydney” The Daring Way™ workshops available in Sydney facilitated by Andrea Szasz CDWF-Candidate

Love and our early attachment

  Recent advances to science and research can help us understand why we react certain ways in relationship. We are social beings, and in need of various types of supportive relationships – these include partnerships, love and maybe marriage. We have learned through decades of research that the style of our early attachments can affect … read more

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