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Mindfulness and Meditation

Tara Brach’s teachings and resources blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world. The result is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism, one that offers a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering.

Mindful Compassion Meditations

The meditations were recorded by either Dr. Dennis Tirch or Professor Paul Gilbert, PhD, OBE. Please remember to use your inner wisdom with these practices, and note that these are not meant to be a substitute for working with a mental health professional or a qualified meditation teacher. Also, it is best not to listen to these exercises while driving or engaging in other complex tasks. Sending good wishes to you and yours on your journey into mindfulness and compassion. – D. T.


Spire’s custom activity and force sensors combine to identify periods where your breathing reflects a tense, focused, or calm state of mind. To do this, it senses the expansion and contraction in your torso and diaphragm as you inhale and exhale. Advanced algorithms in the Spire app classify your breathing patterns based on dozens of laboratory studies correlating respiration patterns with cognitive and emotional states. The guidance in the app is based on protocols from clinical studies to alleviate anxiety and pain, increase heart rate variability, reduce blood pressure, and more.

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Discover the courage to live wholeheartedly