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ZOOM option
In some circumstances, I will provide therapy via ZOOM but I would need to do a thorough assessment with you before we decide if this is your best option.

ZOOM coaching/ mentoring option
This option is for people who are interested in exploring Brené Brown’s work with me and looking for coaching rather than in-depth therapy.

Cancellations are expected 24-hours in advance. Be ready in advance as we will be using technology, it is not always reliable. It is best to be on your computer or laptop some time in advance to resolve any of your own technical difficulties and to log in to Zoom.
Types of online therapy and phone therapy provided: Zoom can be used with either video, audio-only (video conferencing with sound only), or with Zoom
LIVE instant, encrypted chat.

Technical difficulties:
As you are my counselling client, I cannot be expected to resolve your computerised technical problems. Please ensure you resolve your technical issues for yourself. If ZOOM fails for some reason, we can use FaceTime or simple phone calls.

Why I use Zoom:
Skype does not technically adhere to Australian or International Privacy laws as it can be more easily hacked, ZOOM is encrypted and adhere those laws. Your privacy is very important to me. I will send you information, the meeting number and your contract prior to our session together, The meeting number will be always the same, so after the first time just log in to the meeting at the time of our session.

Please find a private, safe spot –so that we can start on time and so that your own safety, confidentiality and privacy is protected.
Having a fixed screen, moving with a screen can be very distressing for our nervous system.
Make sure you go to the bathroom, have water etc. before our session.

Here is some important information on why having online therapy is important if there is no possibility for face to face sessions. Click on the link below:

Stephen Porges: Countering the effects of social distancing.


For further information, if needed, click here.




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