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How to BRAVE the Holiday Season

How to BRAVE the Holiday Season   The holiday season is the time of the year when there might be some extra relational demands of us. While the festive season is generally a happy time, the reflections and celebrations can also be challenging. There are expectations; from family members with whom we may share some … read more

My mum has depression- book by Nina Mitchell

A very brave mum wrote me an email. She wrote a book, based on her own experience to help kids understand depression. My name is Nina Mitchell. I am the mother of three boys, a qualified primary school teacher and now a first-time author. I have also suffered from depression for several years. While being … read more

Foundations of Well-Being with Rick Hanson and his amazing guests.

Hello, Recently I attended to the Childhood Trauma Foundation’s amazing conference. The speakers and presenters, many of them presenting in this online course as well, inspired me so much that; I wanted to tell you about a great new online program: Starting this October, the experiential, yearlong Foundations program will hardwire more happiness, resilience, … read more

Kundalini Yoga … on and off the mat. Guest writing by Andrea Lavers

by Andrea Lavers Healer/Therapist and good friend 🙂 In this current age it is almost impossible to make the time to just be still. The idea of being still is even more challenging when we are left with growing anxiety, agitation and paranoia. So we can spend years seeing our therapist, and yes, we … read more

Who is that you are talking to?

I am excited to introduce as my first guest writer: my good friend a very inspirational person Angelique: BIO: Angelique is the creator of FoodtoThink website. The blog was born out of a need to share the experience of surviving trauma. Angelique’s husband’s cancer diagnosis triggered PTSD as the intensity brought on childhood trauma experience. … read more

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