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Happy International Poetry Day!

Poetry makes everything better. Suffering becomes understood and shared by reading a great poem. Happiness becomes larger. We connect with the space between the words and by that, with each-other.


Here is a poem by Sándor Weöres:

Scatter your treasures – richness shall be yourself.
Crumble your ornaments – beauty shall be yourself.
Forget about your fun – joy shall be yourself.
Burn your books – wisdom shall be yourself.
Waste your muscles – strength shall be yourself.
Put out your flames – love shall be yourself.
Banish your compassion – goodness shall be yourself.
Destroy your suppositions – belief shall be yourself.
Break through your obstacles – the world shall be yourself.
Compare your life and death – entirety shall be yourself.





Translations from Hungarian: Garai, Dóra Roberta

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Discover the courage to live wholeheartedly