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Great report by ABC on EMDR

EMDR is a trauma treatment. It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. Quite different from the talk therapies. This short report can explain and demonstrate for you how it works. I successfully used EMDR and other brain-based treatment like Brainspotting in the treatment of trauma. If you have been suffering and have not tried these … read more

Brené Brown on Vulnerability

If you liked this talk and want to learn more about her check out my workshop 🙂

Kundalini Yoga … on and off the mat. Guest writing by Andrea Lavers

by Andrea Lavers Healer/Therapist and good friend 🙂 In this current age it is almost impossible to make the time to just be still. The idea of being still is even more challenging when we are left with growing anxiety, agitation and paranoia. So we can spend years seeing our therapist, and yes, we … read more

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