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The Age of Loneliness. Why do we need Psychotherapy more than ever?

In my practice many clients walk through my door looking for support with their relational issues. As a trauma and attachment specialist I often imagine what their life was like at the start? Who was around, how did they learn how to relate, how did they learn who they are?   When we are born … read more

Psychotherapist, counsellors psychologist, social workers, psychiatrists …….How do I find a therapist?

Since the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme began in 2006, there has been a great deal of confusion in the public about who can provide therapy and mental health services. Making an educated choice about who you would like to be your therapist has consequently become even more complex.  Being in therapy is … read more

Can the Nervous System Be Hacked? –

The brain, with its billions of neurons, seemed far too complex. ‘Why don’t we just skip the brain and go straight to the organs?’ someone suggested. via Can the Nervous System Be Hacked? –  

Conversational Model – Good Therapy Australia

Conversational Model – Good Therapy Australia.

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