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My interview about The Daring Way™ groups in South Pacific Private, thanks to Jacquie Grant :


Wholehearted living and dealing with vulnerability -30th May 2014

South Pacific Private’s PR Manager, Jacquie Grant, spoke to Andi Szasz, certified Daring Way™ Facilitator in advance of the upcoming Daring Way™ workshop at South Pacific Private on the 28th – 29th June.

Andi, how did you get to be a qualified facilitator?

I’ve been intrigued and excited about Brené Browns’ work since I first saw her TED talk on Vulnerability 2010. Her lecture brought together lots of things that I had learnt and felt about different disciplines of psychology/psychotherapy, but most importantly, it immediately made sense in a visceral way. Since then, I’ve read all of her books, and participated in her online courses. In December 2013, I travelled to San Antonio to participate in the world-first training course for The Daring Way™ and in April 2014, I became the first Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator in Australia.

Why are you so passionate about the daring way?

The Daring Way™ pulls together for me all the things I have learnt from Brené’s books, talks, and online courses. The language of the course really speaks to me personally, and I’m finding that my clients feel the same way about this material. It is a very creative process and can be applied in many ways, so as a practitioner, I can deliver it to different groups of people. I am passionate about this work because it feels like I am part of something larger than just delivering a method. My hope is that wholehearted living will become a movement that changes things by not only offering healing to those who are ill, but also an approach to wellness that everyone can embrace.

What has the Daring way™ taught you?

It has taught me that the price that I pay for going under the radar, and not showing up authentically in my life, is much bigger than the discomfort of facing my fears.

When and how did you first learn of the daring way?

It was really the work of the universe. I was on Facebook just kind of mucking around, and clicked onto Brené’s page. I found that she had announced a new program called The Daring Way™. I was so excited and was actually chatting with her on FB (screenshotting the whole conversation) and applied for admission straight away. I was in San Antonio two weeks later. It was an intuitive decision; I knew that I just had to go.

What does it mean to be a facilitator?

To be a facilitator is an honour for me. After completing the training course in San Antonio, I had to go through many hours of consultations and assessments to qualify. It was hard work, but now I am part of a very nurturing global community where we share ideas, knowledge and support. It is a privilege to be able to share Brené’s work.

How do you think these workshops impact the groups who attend?

People find their voice, they start connecting with their authentic self and they connect with others. People start changing their lives for the better. I have had the honour of witnessing great courage and transformation in the Daring Way™ participants. It’s often challenging, but also feels exciting and fresh.

What have you learned about vulnerability and shame?

I learnt that vulnerability is necessary for wholehearted living. I have learned (and keep learning) how to deal with my own vulnerabilities, and how to share that experience with The Daring Way™ participants. What I have learned about shame is that we all have it, that shame resilience and practicing vulnerability is an ongoing very rewarding practice.

Thanks Andi!

Information on upcoming The Daring Way™ workshops are available here.

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