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White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day is for Men and Boys

The idea behind White Ribbon Day is for men and boys to recognise the male role in domestic violence. One in three women experience physical or sexual violence during their lives. In recognising that victims of domestic violence are their sisters, mothers, aunties, grandmothers and cousins, most men and boys rapidly conclude that they want this violence to end. This event is aimed at raising awareness,  changing attitudes, and breaking the silence around domestic violence in Australia. Every year, more and more men and boys take the White Ribbon Oath: never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.
So this year, on November 25, I encourage you all to wear a White Ribbon, and if you are a man or a boy, consider taking the Oath. Maybe you can say it to your mates at the pub, maybe you can take the Oath at work, or maybe just post it on your social media site. Everything helps.

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