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Childhood Trauma Conference 2016

Childhood Trauma: Tracing new developments in relational, body-oriented and brain-based approaches to recovery and change.

An International Conference on Innovation in Therapeutic Approaches with Children, Young People and Families.

In August 2014, the first ever International Child Trauma Conference was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in Australia. Developed, organised and run by the Australian Childhood Foundation, it was an incredible week with over 2000 delegates from around the world, as well as virtual delegates joining via live streaming.  The high calibre of speakers with such powerful messages highlighted the need to keep adapting important evidence about neurobiology of trauma and attachment into our therapeutic work with children, individuals and families.

It was a vibrant reflection of our commitment to meeting the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

It was definietly the best conference I have attended with my dear colleagues. It was very inspiring to spend time learning ways of healing trauma.

The 2016 conference promises to be even better. Many of the presenters from the last conference are returning – Allan Schore, Ed Tronick, Dan Siegel, Dan Hughes, Pat Ogden, Steve Porges, Sue Carter, Marilyn Davillier, Judy Schore, Judy Atkinson. They were so generous and informative last time. They are seminal thinkers, practitioners and authors in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, trauma and attachment.

This year I am honored to present at the conference.

Will keep you informed.



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