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Important Information Regarding Safety from Covid-19

Dear Brave Therapy™ Friends and Clients,

In the light of the recent unfolding of Covid-19 outbreak, listening to the health authorities I have made some decisions and changes in the practice.

For now I still see clients in my practice. The rooms are frequently cleaned and sprayed with disinfectants. I placed a hand-sanitizer on my bench and asking everyone to use it as soon they come in, or wash their hands before enter into my room.

If you sensitive to chemicals, we should proceed via online meetings for now. My cleaners do use 1/7 bleach to wash everything down and I use a tea-tree spray frequently.
I am looking after myself by socially distancing and not going into places where I can possibly get infected, I also walk to work and don’t use public transport.  Of course there are no guarantees, so if you feel uncomfortable coming to the office, I will see you online.

I would suggest to everyone to download ZOOM, the software I use for online meetings. I have been conducting therapy online for a while now and it has been a positive experience, especially since I swapped my internet provider 🙂 I will be sending out detailed information about how we do therapy online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Thinking of you all and hope we can all stay safe and calm together.

I will be going for a walk and a swim making the most of this beautiful weather, I hope you can do something nice for your nervous system and your soul as well today.


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