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My Favorite Podcasts

The pandemic sent me on long walks alone. However, I did discover the area I live in more detail and found some hidden gems. I also found some fantastic walking partners in some podcasts.

Here are the ones I absolutely love:

Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale Podcast

An excellent resource for women, and not just because I have been interviewed on it 








Therapist Uncensored 

Therapist Uncensored is not just for therapists but for anyone interested in attachment theory and other relational theories.

They offer great free resources to explore attachment theory.

Unlocking Us

 with Brené Brown 

Of course, Brené Brown’s podcast is on this list. If you are a Ted Lasso fan, I especially recommend the episodes where the show’s creators are interviewed. A very joyful experience.








Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein Brett Goldstein

As a somewhat of a film buff, I love this show. It is so funny that I do often LOL while walking. Listen to the episode with Brené Brown in it; it is amusing!



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