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How to deal with the trauma of the Medibank cyber breach by Andrea Szasz

The Mindfulness Summit: A FREE online event with 31 of the world’s leading teachers

  If you were to describe your life at the moment, how many of us would use the word ‘busy.’ How many of you have never ending ‘to;do’ lists? If someone asks you how you are – How many of you would reply ‘Good….but*busy.’ Why are we so obsessed with packing our schedules, thinking a … read more

From Barbara Schmidt: Reptilian, mammal and rational brain “speak” different languages: Trauma Education II

This is the second part of trauma education by my friend and colleague and fellow Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner: Barbara Schmidt check out her website: When someone is stressed out & irrational it makes sense to explore negative thinking and to help that person to return to rational thinking (CBT). In Trauma however the frontal … read more

By Barbara Schmidt “Freeze state, that follows fight flight survival mechanism- Trauma education I.”

  This is a great article by a good friend and colleague: Barbara  Schmidt Most people have heard about fight and flight: It’s a survival mechanism that kicks into place when we are in danger and chatting and smiling don’t work anymore. The new situation requires us to do something different: We now need to … read more

Exciting news coming regarding the The Foundations of Well-Being program!

Exciting news coming regarding the The Foundations of Well-Being program! Stay tuned 🙂 I want you to know about Dr. Rick Hanson’s new online, experiential program – The Foundations of Well-Being ( – which will hardwire more happiness, resilience, self-worth, love, and peace into your brain and your life. Start this October, it’s a year … read more

Kundalini Yoga … on and off the mat. Guest writing by Andrea Lavers

by Andrea Lavers Healer/Therapist and good friend 🙂 In this current age it is almost impossible to make the time to just be still. The idea of being still is even more challenging when we are left with growing anxiety, agitation and paranoia. So we can spend years seeing our therapist, and yes, we … read more

Stressing out about stress is not good for us :)

Stressing out about stress is not good for us 🙂 Love Kelly McGonigal work, let me know what you think.

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