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The Mindfulness Summit: A FREE online event with 31 of the world’s leading teachers


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If you were to describe your life at the moment, how many of us would use the word ‘busy.’

How many of you have never ending ‘to;do’ lists? If someone asks you how you are – How

many of you would reply ‘Good….but*busy.’ Why are we so obsessed with packing our

schedules, thinking a mile a minute, rushing around with no time to stop and smell the roses?

There is an obsession with needing to do something all of the time, a cultural badge of honour.

It’s not unusual to wake up and scroll through your feeds before even saying ‘Good morning’ to

the person lying next to you, or checking in with yourself.

As a society we have never worked more hours in a week than we do now, we have never

pushed ourselves so hard. Our list of things ‘to do’ never ends ; it just keeps getting bigger. And

are we happier for it?

When was the last time you just sat and did nothing? Reflected? Took time out for yourself just

to ‘be’?

If this resonates with you or you’ve ever found yourself feeling stuck in cycles of stress,

dissatisfaction and discontent, or unsure how to simply relax and find some inner peace, then

the practice of mindfulness is for you.

Mindfulness is’the’art’of living’in’the’moment, rather than 2 minutes ahead or 2 weeks

behind. This style of thinking allows you to wholly experience everything in your life, taking time

to focus on the present. The benefits don’t stop there. It’s also been found to reduce cortisol (the

stress hormone), it allows you to handle stress better, and more recently, ‘mindful eating’ has

been linked to weight loss.


Melli O’Brien, of, presents The’Mindfulness’SummitT’31’Days’of’

Mindfulness’a FREE 31;day online summit this October 1-31st designed to bring mindfulness

to*everyone, giving you the opportunity to learn mindfulness from the comfort of your own home,

from some of the world’s most respected teachers.

The Mindfulness Summit is a not;for;profit project, with a mission to make mindfulness

mainstream. The summit aims to create a global community of people bringing mindfulness into

their lives, whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others. This is why all monies raised

from the summit project will be going to mindfulness based charities, including Breathworks,

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Mindfulness in Schools, charities all working in the field to

further mindfulness research and teaching.

Over the month of October, for 31 days you’ll be invited to listen to 31 world renowned

mindfulness experts speak on   sharing their

knowledge and wisdom with you all. Join speakers including Ruby Wax, Jon Kabat;Zinn, Jack

Kornfield, Tara Brach and Joseph Goldstein as they share their tips, stories and some of the

best ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life.

As part of the 31 days of mindfulness, we’ll also be sharing our best tips for mindfulness,

wellness and meditation, as well as setting small challenges for you throughout the month ; and

these are all designed to be easy, accessible, and something you can slip into your daily


You will learn how to transform your inner world to a place of wholeness and ease, handling

life’s challenges with more wisdom and skill. By the end of the summit you will have learnt how

to integrate mindfulness more fully into daily life.

Stop being ‘busy’ for the sake of being busy. Be still. Recharge. Re-engage. Your mindfulness

journey starts now.


  1. Every day in October there will be new interviews, presentations and meditations sessions

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