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Book Review: Strange Situation, A Mother’s Journey into the Science of Attachment

I love this book! As a researcher and clinician interested in trauma,  attachment and body-mind connections, I was excited to listen to the audible version of this book. Attachment theory has become part of pop psychology and seems everywhere in popular media. I often hear phrases such as “he is so avoidant” or “she is just ambivalent”, but often there is no clarity about what these ‘labels’ really mean. Often, even clinicians use these phrases without knowing what they mean and how the research developed regarding attachment theory.
Bethany Saltman wrote a fantastic book that takes you through the history of the development and research of attachment theory via her personal journey.
I share Bethany’s excitement and enthusiasm about Mary Ainsworth, Bowlby, Mary Main and others who brought amazing and essential research to us. I also share the enthusiasm about the Adult Attachment Interview that  I am a qualified coder for and offer this unique service in my practice.
If you are interested either as a practitioner or as someone interested in how we work and how attachment influences our lives through generations, I suggest reading this book. The only problem with the book is that I did not write it 🙂
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