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Hi there, dear Brave Therapy™ friends and clients,

I hope you are all safe and healthy and somewhat adjusted to the current changes to our lives.
While it has been a big, stressful and somewhat painful change there has been so many beautiful, generous offering of resources out there.
I am sure you have been receiving all sorts of information and invitations in your inboxes. I wold like to share some of my recent favorites, maybe they have not reached you yet.

  • This is a wonderful video by the senior faculty members of the Somatic Experiencing Institute and some exercises demonstrated by no-one else than Dr Peter Levine. I already skipped and vooo-d with him a few times today:)



  • My dear friend and colleague generously hosting some online group connection spaces on Tuesday mornings. Please check her offerings out. She is a wonderful therapist, teacher and artist.

  • And last but not least here is a site where you can learn some new ways of booogie if you inclined. This is not totally free, just for a week but still, worth to check it out.

Might see you on the virtual dance floor?

I hope you are safe and healthy, washing your hands and staying connected.

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Discover the courage to live wholeheartedly