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Orienting back to ‘normal’?

I don’t know how you feel but for me this opening up, going back to ‘normal’ is happening a little too fast.
I remember when the lock-down started, I was driving home from exercising, I saw a cat crossing the road in a curve of the road where I have never seen a cat before. It is a busy curve so seeing the cat just kind of cruising was very surprising. It represented how quiet and empty everything had become suddenly. I remember as it moved, being all confident and smooth and slow. I was very happy for this little creature, I thought; good to take some space back in your hood. I was also a little worried about it, what if someone just ignores the slowness of this time?
I often think of that cat.. and now that we suddenly opened up our shops and workplaces, I am worried if he/she will notice it in time, and will be careful enough? Cats as mammals are good at orienting, they use their senses to make a move or as we call it a decision.
I notice this resistance going back to ‘normal’ in me, the need to take my time to orient. So much has changed so quickly in our lives recently, I am not ready for a quick turn again. I am going to follow what I wish for the cat, I am going slow and careful.
I hope you can try to do the same. Sense into your body, take your time to orient.
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