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A Desire Map Program for the New Year!

The word “resolution” is rooted in a beautiful idea that’s nearly 700 years old: in Latin, it means the process of reducing things into simpler forms.

Mmmhmm. We’ve gotten lost on the way to New Year’s resolutions, didn’t we?

There’s a much better way to create the year you want. No baggage, less striving. More freedom. Instead of relentlessly pushing yourself to achieve goals, you do work that feels clean and nourishing from a Soul level. And you can do it in a supportive community while cheering each other on.

When we drift from the fiery clarity of our core desires, we wade in the muck of trying to be good enough. It doesn’t work.

A soul-connected resolution isn’t about trying to create a new-and-improved version of ourselves. It’s about loosening our grip. Letting go of what has ceased to serve our fullness.

When we’re uncompromisingly clear on how we desire to feel—the unnecessary stuff gets stripped away and the path to making stuff happen opens up.

That’s the hidden joy of resolutions: they’re meant to be revolutions.

You register between November 9th and January 1st. The moment you sign up, you get:

6 brand new audios from Danielle that walk you through The Desire Map process in a distilled format. Whether you’re new to Desire Mapping or have done the process before, this is the perfect ritual to begin your New Year.

Look at classic Desire Map exercises in a new way—plus get access to new exercises customized for you as you walk (run, leap, dance) into a New Year.

Planning your month should be a joyful habit—and when your desires are driving your choices, planning becomes more engaged, in tune, and exciting. So every month, you will receive a new Goals with Soul workbook to keep you on track with your monthly goals and intentions by helping you reflect on the previous month, and prepare you for the month ahead

When you set goals based on your desires—not the 21st-Century version of bettering yourself—things shift. Radically.

It’s always a good time for a revolution. How about this New year?

Registration for 2017 is open now through January 1st.



I have already done the Desire Map process, is this for me?

Yes. The awesome thing about Desire Mapping is that it’s new every time, because you’re new every time you sit down to meet your desires. And Desire Mapping at the start of a New Year is your path to your best year yet.

How long will the process take to complete?

We’ve intentionally structured Desire Map for the New Year as a super concentrated course that you can move through in a day. It’s meant to be something that you dive deep into and power through so you can start designing your year as quickly as possible.

Can I do this process with a friend?

Absolutely! It all depends on how you learn best and how you process best. If you’re the kind of soul that needs a lot of quiet and solitude to work out your thoughts, that’s great. If you’re the kind of soul who loves company and processes via conversation, then go for it. Whatever lets you be your most honest, most self-loving you—that’s the way to go.

Is there a discount?

Desire Map for the New Year is already an awesome value at just $25. But if you decide to dive in with a friend, gift it for only $10 more.


I just bought this program and sitting in my garden working through the first 3 chapters.

Look out for the upcoming workshops in the New Year!




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