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Psychotherapy is Evidence Based

Mental health issues are constantly in the news. We are suffering  from relational problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and so on. These ‘disorders’ or other mental health diagnoses are often stem from untreated traumas in our life. Our government and the media only seem to know about one way of treating these life challenging issues and that is with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The mental health plan only supports cognitive based treatments. While CBT and other cognitive based treatment are very useful, often powerful, they do not work for everyone and for all issues, especially not for trauma. Sadly psycho-dynamic psychotherapies, body based or attachment focused psychotherapies are not supported or promoted in Australia.
But we are not just our cognition or behaviors. We are our bodies, nervous systems, our souls and our relationships with other humans and nature. When we become fragmented it is not just our thoughts that need to change so we can change our behaviour. We need support to integrate and grow so we can live in peace with ourselves, others and the planet.
We know this now from the discipline called Interpersonal Neurobiology and countless research of different psychotherapeutic models. I wrote before about the self-perpetuating monopoly of CBT in our country, you can read about it here.

I included here some short and some longer videos from experts of the field of psychotherapy. If you are struggling please do your research and find a therapist who you feel safe with, who has the qualifications and expertise and can work in ways that feels right for you.

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