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Wishing Everyone a Safe, Peaceful and Rich in Connection New Year!

Somehow just wishing Happy New Year does not fit today. Our country is burning. The Earth is in distress, I think she might be outraged.
For many of us, loved ones; family  and animals are in danger of the fires. It is hard to celebrate. So to bring Joy to myself today,  I am choosing to practice  gratitude.
Today reflecting back at the last year, I am grateful for:
  • for my family, my amazing offsprings that I am lucky enough to host as a mother for this lifetime.
  • for my family, brothers and parents,  who are a lively bunch to share this lifetime with
  • for my partner, who is really the only one who can keep up with me and my crazy bunch 🙂
  • grateful for my friends,
  • grateful for all my family, nephews and nieces, and sister in-laws and some of my exes’ and their families.
  • and again grateful for my FRIENDS, really they are my family too
  • grateful for my parents still being healthy
  • grateful for my health, and my family’s health
  • grateful for being able to have the hard conversations
  • grateful for my job, my clients, that I can do what I love and passionate about, and weirdly cant really talk in details about to people :0)
  • I am lucky and grateful to do a research that I love
  • I am grateful for the privilege of education,
  • for the privilege of good food and water that I can still have
  • for a safe home
  • for my cats, and for other people’s cats
  • and for dogs of course 🙂
  • grateful for having an incredible woman, like a sister in my life who has been with me for almost a lifetime :0)
  • grateful for my mentor who is my family now too 🙂
  • grateful for my body for keeping up with me 🙂
  • grateful for the privilege to travel
Wow, interesting exercise, writing all this out I do feel much better, I might even get excited to celebrate.
Invite you to try, I hope it will work for you as it did for me.
Please stay safe.
Love to you all
Here is a little video from Brené to explain the science behind gratitude.
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